We are profoundly grateful to St. Pio’s Spiritual Children listed below who have significantly impacted realizing the call of Saint Pio in the year-end 2022 beneficence campaign.
These gifts will ring in eternity as Saint Padre Pio’s medical school, hospital, and Terri Schiavo Home, all build upon the foundation of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration on the campus in Howell, Mi. 
“Try to be always ready and prepared to do the Divine Will which invariably has in view God’s glory and the good of our souls. Oh, how delightful is the thought of doing God’s will in all things!” St. Pio

Saint Padre Pio Spiritual Sons & Daughters

In gratitude George Isajiw, M.D., K.M.
Jessica & Robert Stachecki
Dr Thomas & Sally McGovern
Dr Adrian Gaty
Don and Sharon Calbert
Constance Blum
Kathreen Yarnevich
Sylvia Quillen
Bill & Mary Lou Somerville
Rev. Louis Solcia
Daniel & Christina Sabol
Catherine & Timothy Brinkman gratitude wall
Jeanette DeKay St Pio Wall
Lagro St Pio Wall