Padre Pio is a very famous contemporary saint, who continues to touch many lives with miracles even today. He was a Capuchin friar who bore the five wounds of Christ, a confessor, a miracle worker, a saint, and the founder of the Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza (His “Work”) in Italy.

Padre Pio’s Casa is a world renown international referral hospital, considered one of the best in its class. It is also a model of truly faithful Catholic healthcare delivery in a very secular world.

On October 1st, 2009 this Vatican owned hospital executed a formal Collaboration Agreement with Catholic Healthcare International (CHI) to duplicate Padre Pio’s hospital, called the “Home For The Relief Of Suffering”, in the United States…as a “Beacon of Light“ in a secularized culture which continues to slip further each year from its Christian foundation.

As Padre Pio said, we will build a “Cathedral of Love”, “A Clinic for the Body & the Soul”, to serve the “Twice Jesus” in the poor and the sick. The Casa USA will be the fruition of the long awaited vision expressed by the Director originally chosen by Padre Pio to build his hospital in Italy: 
“The Casa Sollievo Della Sofferenza should therefore be the first link in a great chain. It should be the model for many other innumerable Casa’s with the same name and above all the same spirit, which must bring love to all of humanity. A program which would make us tremble with awe if it was not inspired by God who is above all Love!”

– Dr. Guglielmo Sanguinetti 1950