Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Ways You Can Help

Your financial support and prayers are essential for us to implement this most noble vision of Padre Pio.

Join Us In Prayer

Padre Pio said, “Never grow weary of praying. This is essential. Prayer penetrates the heart of God and obtains the graces needed… Without prayer, our House for the Relief of Suffering is somewhat like a plant without air and sun.”  Please join us and give the gift of prayer…it is essential to the success of our mission!

Support Us Financially

Duplicating Padre Pio’s Casa hospital, the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Pilgrim Shrine, expanding our Catholic Physician Practice Network, and building a truly faithful Catholic Medical School to train Catholic physicians in the USA require huge financial support…AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Padre Pio said, “In every poor, sick person there is Twice Jesus who is suffering and wretched.” We care for “The Twice Jesus” in the poor and the sick, and we need your financial support.  If God is inspiring you to do so, please make a tax deductible contribution.  We welcome all levels of donation, whether large or small, any contribution will be help immensely…and return many blessings upon you!

Contact Us

Please contact us directly with any additional questions.  Contact Us

Thank you so much for your support, and may God’s blessings shower bountifully upon you and your family!  Padre Pio and Santa Maria delle Grazie pray for us!